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Camp and Campervan sites after January 25th 2021, please contact the Holiday Park direct.

Christmas Day we are closed. We will have a 2-day minimum stay on the 24th December.

ROOMS and CAMP SITES (If Available) 3-night minimum stay from 29th Dec 2020 (must be consecutive).

Guests are asked to kindly review our terms and conditions which are also available for viewing at www.holidaypark.net.nz or can be emailed to guests upon request please contact info@holidaypark.net.nz
For the above dates the Park only accepts bookings via phone or as a response to an email enquiry.

“Family Group” is defined as Mum and/or Dad and or partner’s adults over 25 years of age with children from the same family/extended. Parents must reside with the children for duration of the reservation. Parents/Guardian should not make bookings on behalf of persons under the stated age groups.


⦁ Maximum all-inclusive rates apply for this period as per the notified of max. occupancy limit in room/unit.
⦁ All guests (excluding families, see terms and conditions) must be over 25 years of age
⦁ Proof of age will be required for all guests in this age group upon check-in
⦁ $250.00 security deposit required per room for room security
⦁ $100.00 Park deposit per person
⦁ All rooms will be checked thoroughly before return of bond deposit
⦁ All guests will be issued with a Park Behaviour Policy notice explaining that it is an all-inclusive policy. If there are issues, (all deposits per room lost if 1 person makes a noise and other guests complain)
⦁ If noise continues all guests will be asked to vacate the room with no refunds on room, or deposits, this will be solely at manager’s or their nominee’s discretion
⦁ No pets allowed


⦁ Rates as per schedule
⦁ All guests (excluding families) must be over 21 years of age
⦁ Proof of age will be required for all guests in this age group upon check-in
⦁ $50.00 Park deposit per person
⦁ All sites will be checked thoroughly before return of deposit
⦁ All guest will be issued with a Park behaviour policy notice explaining that it is an “all-inclusive policy” if there are issues, (all deposits from persons on that site will be lost if 1 person makes a noise and other guests complain)
⦁ If noise continues all guests will be asked to vacate the site with loss of all deposits – this will be at manager’s or their nominee’s discretion
⦁ Credit Card and Phone details from all guests checking into sites.
⦁ No pets allowed
All Guests must be made aware and understand that we will have on site security during this period and that there is an ongoing check at the entrance of the park to ensure that only registered guests can enter the park.

Park Behaviour/Noise Policy

Our guest feedback suggests that one of the main reasons guests enjoy staying with us is that we offer a calm, quiet environment in a Park like setting, within the busy urban hub that is Queenstown. Having regard to this, we respectfully ask our guests to please be mindful of noise and other disruptive behaviour or actions that may potentially affect their fellow guests.

Therefore, to ensure our guests expectations are met, our Park policy is:

⦁ No parties
⦁ No loud gatherings on patios or in public areas
⦁ No loud vocalising, inappropriate language or behaviour
⦁ No consumption of alcohol in public areas
⦁ Visitors are welcome from 10am to 9.30pm to your Accommodation and are the responsibility of the registered guest. Visitor charges or deposits may apply. They must be registered at reception and must be accompanied by a registered guest at all times, failure to do so may lead to eviction. These visitors are not permitted to use shower or cooking facilities. A coloured wristband will be provided and must be worn by visitors. (to be confirmed)

If person(s) choose to disregard this advice and, we receive a justifiable complaint about a sites ongoing behaviour which in the managements view comprises or risks the wellbeing of other guests we will unfortunately seek to assist the person(s) to vacate their accommodation and to leave the property with immediate effect with no further notice or recourse. This also affects the $100.00 per person Park deposit at Reception on arrival, where upon if 1 guest or your site receives a complaint as a collective group of 14 persons will forfeit the deposits from everybody and ALL will be evicted.

Any costs incurred in effecting removal, damage and or loss of goodwill will be debited to the guests account regardless if they are occupants or not.

If guests wish to discuss this policy and or seek assistance in ensuring other guests maintain our guidelines, please contact reception.

For guest’s safety Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park operates an extensive monitored CCTV system, static and mobile patrols, including at the Christmas and New Year period. Please introduce yourself to them or our team if you require assistance at any time.

Our on call security Company is Cougar Security Ltd, who is warranted to undertake noise control enforcement and is empowered to act on our behalf at all times.

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